Hello!  I'm Natalie, the baker and decorator behind Tickled Turquoise, LLC which is a Cottage Food Bakery located in Frisco, Texas.  
People always ask how I got started with cookies!  I "collected" supplies for years, but never really did anything with them.  One day (in 2012) I decided I was going to make some cookies for a football game- THAT NIGHT!  I had NO idea the amount of time these cookies took!  I mean the baking, cooling, mixing icing, coloring icing, flooding, drying, details, drying, details, drying, drying, drying, drying!!  And the clean up?!  Needless to say, my kitchen was a WRECK when our friends and family showed up to watch the game.  I remember being so proud of my first attempt:
January 2012 vs. January 2020
I posted them on Facebook and to my surprise, my friends were proud of me, too!  And they wanted to buy them!  I started small...a birthday party here, a bridal shower there while I continued teaching kindergarten.
Fast forward to 2019!  I am a stay at home mom (3 kids) and "cookier".  Although being a mom is my #1 job, I love that I have more time for more orders and teach more cookie classes! (No more decorating at 4 a.m. before work! yay!)
I am blessed that I live in a state that has a food cottage law!  This means the state allows me to bake in my home and I do not have to go through the extra licensing or permits that a normal storefront/bakery does, but I do have some rules and stipulations under this law.  You can read about those here but in a nutshell, my kitchen is not inspected by DSH and I cannot ship!  Those are the biggest things...but again, check out the site if you'd like to know more! :) 
I would be TICKLED if you would consider taking a cookie class with me or let me create customized cookies for your next special event!
Tickled Turquoise, LLC operates under the Texas Food Cottage Law.  This food is made in a home kitchen and is not inspected by the Department of State Health Services or a local health department.  Under this law, I am required to hold a Food Handler's permit and I am not allowed to ship.
Although my cookies do not contain nuts (I do use almond extract!), my kitchen is NOT nut free.  Cookies contain eggs & flour.